Involving Members

I would also like to involve members outside of the already existing committees in shaping the GDBA. For example, serving as trademark ambassadors, as translators, providing guest concepts for podcasts, giving testimonials, and reviving the „Zukunftswerkstatt“ (exploring prospects for the future), etc.

Together We Are Stronger!

Equal Rights

Our committees are currently dominated by men. In order for us to continue to develop we need to employ the capabilities of men, women and people of diversity. Therefore I would like to establish in the statutes the following:

The positions of chairmanship and deputy in each body should be filled by different genders. In doing so I want to achieve equal support and demand for all members.

Developing Guidelines For The Benefit Of Everyone!

Structural Changes

Why is it that so few freelancers can become active in the GDBA? Because the structure of the GDBA has been based on the ensemble theatre. The increasing number of freelance artists have difficulty participating in decision making because they are usually not affiliated with any local union chapter („Lokalverband“). I would like to involve freelancers more in the committee work of the GDBA. In the meantime there are representatives of the „self-employed“ category in the regional chapters („Landesverbände“). They need to be included in the statutes and allowed seat on the executive board. I would also like to integrate freelancers into the occupational groups („Berufsgruppen“).

Freelancers Of All Federal States Unite!

Promote Active Member Recruitment

Is there anything else to say? The more we are, the stronger we are! Let’s work together to ensure that the GDBA continues to grow!

GDBA Working With And For All Theatre Professionals!