Preserve Jobs

We have to find solutions with political leaders to enable artists to continue working as performers and to provide support for the theatre landscape as a source of employment, so that freelance artists are not forced into other professions due to the pandemic, and its economic consequences do not pose a threat to the further existence of the uniquely developed theatre landscape. Politicians have an interest in doing so as Germany’s theatre and orchestral landscape has been nominated for the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List.

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Update NV Bühne
(Collective agreement)

Ongoing negotiations must continue.  Particularly in dealing with the issues of fair wages, weekly working hours, participation in policy making and compatibility between family and career. In the long term…

We Need a Different Collective Agreement!


To promote a better exchange of ideas we need to reconsider our approach to using Social Media.  I want to reach all members of the GDBA. More than a homepage and Facebook page are necessary for the sheer exchange of information. We need to develop an easier means of communication in all areas and cultivate our image as a union.

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